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A Not For Profit project by Charlotte Crowl designed to promote natural cures and healthy living.


This project holds a special place in our hearts and is designed to help inpatients with cancer and other serious illnesses receive FREE Complimentary Treatments, Meditation Sessions, Meditative Exercise and Positive Mind Training. These treatments are not covered by NHS budgets but aid and speed up recovery. Our main focus are patients with little or no family support and all treatments are provided by fully qualified practitioners.


To provide this FREE service we welcome the support of volunteers. If you are qualified and would like to help then please please get in touch especially if you can offer 1 or 2 hrs a month or a week. Donations are also greatly appreciated and welcome but if you DONATE £10 OR MORE we will send you the full digital copy of our New Book. To donate just click the button below. Thank you so much.


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150+ pages of ‘Real Life’ Tips and Advice.  ‘Cancer The Hidden Truth | The Stuff No One Tells You’ is a book by our patron and founder Charlotte Crowl. Charlotte is a teenage cancer survivor and the book details her journey from diagnosis through to recovery and beyond. It covers Charlotte’s clinical and emotional experiences and is a must read for anyone who wants a greater understanding of how the mind and body combined can help one to heal.


www.purehelpstocure.com is a Not For Profit project by Charlotte Crowl

Monthly Newsletter is written by Charlotte Crowl & edited by SKP

Cancer | The Hidden Truth is published by Pure Helps To Cure & Summer Kane Prouductions All Rights Reserved 2016 


Our FREE online Nutritional Report takes less than five minutes to complete and is a quick and easy way to check if your current diet and lifestyle choices are affecting your health. Just answer the questionnaire then check your score against our chart to see if or where you can improve. You can also take our FREE Antioxidant Deficiency Test for a more detailed analysis on what nutrients your body may be lacking.


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Monthly summary of what’s new in the pure helps to cure world including latest tips and general relevant information.


Hi my name is Charlotte Crowl and I grew up around Essex and East London. After undergoing cancer treatment for over 2 years when I was 17 my whole perspective of life changed. After undergoing serious mental and physical side effects I was unable to just go back to living out the same life I had before cancer.
I feel like I have now found my true purpose and i’m on a very self fulfilling journey. I spend much time researching how I can get back to being the best version of myself, I then love to share my knowledge to help others. I am know fully dedicated to helping others not have to experience what I have been through. I love to inspire others by sharing my journey and new found knowledge.
I hope you find great use of the knowledge I share
Thank you for reading
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